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College Access & Financial Aid

  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Partnering with Schools
  • Creating Helping Environments for College-Going: The CHEPA CHEC-List for Counselors
  • Making the Grade in College Prep: A Guide for Improving College Preparation Programs by William G. Tierney and Linda S. Hagedorn
  • Preparing for College: Building Expectations, Changing Realities
  • Breaking through the Barriers: Empowering Low-Income Communities, Schools, & Families for College Opportunity & Student Financial Aid
  • Cashing In or Cashing Out: Tools for Measuring the Effectiveness and Outcomes of Financial Aid Events
  • How to Improve Access to College
  • A Contract with California’s Youth: A Marshall Plan for Increasing Access to College College
  • Assessing Public Board Performance by Adrianna Kezar and William G. Tierney
  • Preparing for College:Building Expectations, Changing Realities by William G. Tierney, Julia E. Colyar, and Zoë B. CorwinPresentation at the 2005 Western Association of College Admission Counseling Conference, Finding Balance, Aliso Viejo, CA:
  • Financial Aid and Access: Getting the Word Out–Research Findings and Possible Practices by Mari Luna De La Rosa and Paz Oliverez
  • General Facts about College Going:A Resource Guide (posted 05/27/2005)Presentations at the 2005 AERA Conference, Demography and Democracy in an Age of Accountability, Montreal, Canada:
  • Going to College and How to Pay for It: Perceptions of Low-Income High School Students by Mari Luna De La Rosa
  • Public versus Private: Differences in College Access and Financial Aid Resources by Kristan Venegas
  • Financial Aid and Access: What Counselors, Students, and Families are Saying About Paying for College by Kristan Venegas
  • Foster Care and Financial Aidby Zoë Blumberg CorwinPresentations to the Fall 2004 Tomás Rivera Policy Institute’s Challenges in Improving Latino College Enrollment: Opportunities for Systemic Change:
  • Challenges to College Access and Financial Aid: A Preliminary View of the CHEPA Study High Schools by Mari Luna De La Rosa
  • A View from the Academic Community by William G. Tierney
  • The Unacknowledged Crisis: Latino Males and Higher Education by Mari Luna De La Rosa

Academic Governance & Change

Academic Governance & Change

  • Challenges for Governance: A National Report by the Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis
  • Selection and Appointment of Trustees to Public College and University Boards by Adrianna Kezar, William G. Tierney, and James T. Minor
  • Academic Vantage Points: Reflections on the University in the 21st Century by William G. Tierney
  • Activist Governing Boards: A New Metapolicy for Public Higher Education? by Michael N. Bastedo
  • Governing or Governance? by David W. Leslie
  • The End of Shared Governance: Looking Ahead Or Looking Back by Bob Birnbaum
  • How Universities Think by Susanne Lohmann
  • A Matter of Fit: Governing Forprofit Subsidiaries of Nonprofit Universities by Jared L. Bleak
  • Disjointed Governance in the University: The Case of Centers and Institutes by William T. Mallon
  • Models of Curriculum Governance: A Research Agenda by Charlotte Briggs
  • The Enterprise University Goes Global: Crossborder Traffic in Higher Education and Some of the Implications for Governance by Simon Marginson
  • The Paradox of Scope: A Challenge to the Governance of Higher Education by David Collis
  • A View of the Market through Studies of Policy and Governance by Mario Martinez
  • Shared Academic Governance in an Australian Experimental University by Jan Currie
  • Decision Making in Historically Black College and Universities: Defining the Governance Context by James T. Minor
  • Faculty Administrator Relationships: Implications for Redesign of Higher Education Governance Systems by Marietta Del Favero
  • Understanding Faculty Senates: Moving from Mystery to Models by James T. Minor
  • Capitalizing on the Curriculum: Challenges for Shared Governance and Administration by Peter Eckel
  • Steering Colleges and Universities Toward Distinctive Missions by Christopher Morphew
  • Shadow Governance Structures: The Promise and Peril of Task Forces During Times of Change by Matthew Hartley
  • The Status of NonTenured Faculty of Color in the Governance Process by Yolanda T. Moses
  • Governing in the Sunshine: The Impact of State Open Meetings and Record Laws on DecisionMaking in Higher Education by James C. Hearn
  • Governing Badly: Theory and Practice of Bad Decisionmaking in Higher Education by Michael Olivas
  • Governance Toward a Common Good: Has It Happened? by Audrey J. Jaeger
  • University Governance and Academic Freedom by Robert O’Neil
  • Does Governance Matter? by Gabriel E. Kaplan
  • Community College FacultyAdministrative Trust in the Governance Process: DecisionMaking in Critical by Myron L. Pope
  • Growing Quaintness: Traditional Governance in the markedly New Realm of U.S. Higher Education by George Keller
  • Democracy and Capitalism, Academic Style: Governance in Contemporary Higher Education by Gary Rhoades

Enhancing Diversity

  • The Road Ahead: Improving Diversity in Graduate Education by the Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis, Rossier School of Education
  • Exemplary Practices by Dean Campbell and William G. Tierney
  • Practical Approaches for Academic Success by Dean Campbell and William G. Tierney
  • Practices for Structural Improvement by Dean Campbell and William G. Tierney
  • Reframing the Learning Context by Dean Campbell and William G. Tierney
  • Principles for Good Practice by Dean Campbell and William G. Tierney

Miscellaneous Publications

Miscellaneous Publications

  • Futures in Urban Education Futures in Urban Education
    Recently, USC President C.L. Max Nikias sat down with University Professor William G. Tierney to talk about leadership....

A New Game in Town: Competitive Higher Education by Lloyd Armstrong
This paper outlines how the system of higher education faces increased competition from the for-profit sector. This competition foreshadows structural
changes in faculty work and university organization.

Creating the Inclusive Campus: The Essential Role of Faculty Diversity by John Brooks Slaughter
John Slaughter looks at the demographic changes in academe and reminds us of the importance of diversity for preparing students to live in a

The Coming Transformation of the American University by Roger Benjamin
In this paper, Roger Benjamin tracks how global changes will impact higher education. Based on these conclusions, he then looks toward redesigned mission statements that focus on K-16 education.

Developing the High Performance Organization: Impediments To Change and Innovation in Colleges and Universities by William G. Tierney
In light of recent and expected changes in higher education, this paper considers how we might create a climate for organizational change and innovation. Tierney suggests that the way to increase organizational effectiveness is through an attention to the structural and cultural processes that circumscribe organizational action.

Higher Education at a Crossroads by Arthur Levine
This paper offers a discussion of distance learning and its implications for higher education.

The University After 9/11 by William G. Tierney
This paper offers a discussion of academic freedom in the post-September 11 era and its implications for higher education

Books by Faculty

New Players Different Game: Understanding the Rise of For-Profit Colleges and Universities (2007)
William G. Tierney,Guilbert C. Hentschkey

Trust and the Public Good (2006)
William G. Tierney

Governance and the Public Good (Suny Series, Frontiers in Education)
William G. Tierney (Ed.)

Urban High School Students and the Challenge of Access: Many Routes, Difficult Paths

William G. Tierney, Julia E. Colyar (Eds.)

Higher Education for the Public Good: Emerging Voices from a National Movement (2005)
Adrianna Kezar, Anthony Chambers, and John Burkhardt (Eds.)

Preparing for College: Nine Elements of Effective Outreach (2004)
W G. Tierney, Zoë Corwin, Julia Colyar (Eds.)

Restructuring Shared Governance in Higher Education: New Directions for Higher Education (2004)
Vicente Lechuga, William G. Tierney (Eds.)

Competing Conceptions of Academic Governance: Negotiating the Perfect Storm (2004)
William G. Tierney (Ed.)

Taking the Reins: Institutional Transformation in Higher Education (2003)
Peter Eckel, Adrianna Kezar

Increasing Access to College: Extending Possibilities for All Students (Frontiers in Education) (2002)
William G. Tierney and Linda S. Hagedorn

Faculty Work in Schools of Education: Rethinking Roles and Rewards for the Twenty-first Century (2001)
William G. Tierney

Rethinking Promotion and Tenure: Community and Socialization in Academe
William G. Tierne and Estela M. Bensimon