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  •  April 1, 2015 — SummerTIME Application Opens
  •  May 1, 2015 — Enrollment Confirmation Deposit
  • May 8, 2015 — SummerTIME Application Deadline


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  •  March 30, 2015–I AM Field Trip
  •  April 11, 2015 — I AM Workshop: How to choose your college/major
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Getting In: Increasing Access to College via Mentoring


William Tierney and Lisa Garcia reflect on the past decade of the Increasing Access via Mentoring (I AM) program. They expand on the challenges the program faced and the overarching results of I AM. Read about it here.

 Increasing Access via Mentoring Video

Check out this video featuring former I AM mentees sharing their experiences in the I AM program! Watch the video here.















The Looming Crisis of Remedial Writing G. Tierney and Stefani R. Relles collaborated as guest bloggers on The Washington Post, College Inc. based on 10 years of teaching remedial writing, as well as other research, point to four ways to get students to write better. Read more here.

Project Description

Helping High School Students Navigate the College Admissions and Aid Processes.

Increasing Access via Mentoring (I AM) program is an action based intensive mentoring model where staff and graduate students from USC guide college-ready high school seniors through the college and financial aid application processes. Through one-on-one mentoring, the program aims to provide students with critical information and support that will lead to successful application for college admission and financial aid. I AM mentors help students make informed decisions about where to apply to and attend college and provide assistance with interpreting students’ financial aid awards. The goal of the program is to increase the college-going population at the target high school by 10-25%. The I AM program takes a ‘hands-on’ approach where each ‘mentor’ works with 1-3 students for a total of 3-4 hours/month. The program spans from September through June.

The essential goal is to increase college-going for CSU- and UC-eligible high school seniors in these schools with historically low college-going rates. Further, the program will ensure that student participants are not only admitted to a four-year institution, but are prepared for the transition from high school to college.


If you are a senior in an LAUSD high school, you may be eligible to participate in I AM. See below for our eligbility requirements.

Students from our following partner schools may apply:

  • Belmont
  • Downtown Magnets
  • Foshay
  • Fremont
  • Manual Arts
  • Marshall
  • Roosevelt
  • Roybal
  • West Adams Prep

Your mentor will be a graduate student or staff member from USC. We’ve helped many students get into the colleges they wanted to go to, we can help you too!

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We’re thrilled you plan to mentor and advise one or two high school students transitioning from high school to college!

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