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About Us

Founded in 1992, the Center on Educational Governance (CEG) researches contemporary issues in education policy and governance in California and across the nation. Situated within the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, CEG aims to improve policy and practice through research.

CEG’s interdisciplinary approach offers policy solutions to the educational challenges posed by an increasingly global society. The Center applies cutting-edge quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods to complex policy problems faced by educators.

Initially, CEG focused on decentralized decision-making, then known as site-based management. Although research topics have evolved over CEG’s history, the fundamental aim remains the same: to build a knowledge base that provides educators, policymakers and researchers with new research, tools and strategies for improving policy and practice.

CEG’s current research includes education reform focused on schools and teachers, school and district governance, public-private partnerships, standards and accountability, resource allocation, and educational inequities.

The main activities of the Center are:

  1. Engaging in rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research studies of policy problems;
  2. Building a knowledge base to provide researchers, educators, parents and policy makers with new tools and strategies for improvement; and,
  3. Working in partnership with educators and policy makers to use research to improve policy and practice.


Center on Educational Governance
Rossier School of Education
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